Partners Financial Services, Inc.

has been providing value through ethical consumer driven collections, loan servicing and billing since opening in 1993.

Prior to incorporating as Partners Financial Services, Inc. we were the Finance & Debt Collection arm for what was the largest CDL School group in the Mid-West at the time. Since then, we have grown to become a national agency within the Transportation, Education, and Financial Services industries.

On top of our three major vertical markets, we collaborate on and manage debt collection portfolios for Gyms & Fitness Clubs, Apartment Complexes, Medical Practices, Dentist Offices, Chiropractic Offices, Business to Business Sales & Invoices, and Consumer Retail Companies.

​Our Mission is to provide our clients & consumers with ethical, consumer driven loan servicing and collections through state of the art technology, up to the minute account receivable management strategies and industry professionals dedicated to rigorous training providing the best customer service for both our clients and consumers.

Our Leadership Team

Bill McNabb, Operations Director

I’m one of the original founding team members of Partners Financial Services, Inc. As a client of ours, your goals are my goals. – Greater profits and more time to grow your business. I bring 25+ years of experience in the Credit & Collection Industry to your recovery process. I understand how difficult it is to grow your business and I’m here to help. You will see greater return from your initial hard work and sales efforts within your company by allowing a team of industry specialists to recover your outstanding accounts receivables.

Holly McNabb, Director of Finance

I’ve been a part of this amazing team of individuals at Partners Financial services since 1993. I have my dream career and my goals are the goals of my clients. I know that my success is based significantly on the successful Accounts Receivable recovery of our clients and the success of our team members. I base my goals on adding to their success. I thrive on education and opportunities to pass knowledge-based strategies along to our clients. You will have my undivided attention.

Kelly Griffard, General Manager

I’ve been with Partners since 1999.  I believe my success is measured by the success of my team. We know our clients can take their business anywhere and we make it our top priority to make sure they choose us over and over again.  I still learn something new every day, and even after all these years, I am still excited to walk through these doors every day to see what new things today will bring.  I look forward to showing you exactly how we’ve become “part of the team” for each and every one of our clients since we opened our doors. Leading this team of dedicated individuals is my honor and my privilege.

Sean Martin, Director of Business Engagement

I first became employed with Partners Financial Services, Inc. back in 1998.  I’ve held many positions and performed many duties with our company over the years.  You could say I’ve learned the business from the inside out.  I’ve even been a client of Partners Financial in the Proprietary School and Transportation Industry.  I started a career in Credit and Collections way back in 1987 with a 5 1/2 year break devoted to Military Service.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned in working with our clients is that a successful business is not only concerned with what they earn but also with what they keep.  Recovering and preventing loss is what we do.  I invite your company to become part of what a great team of professionals can do to recover outstanding receivables and help you experience the profits your company deserves.

Member Organization

We at Partners Financial Services, Inc. believe strong ties to industry and client organizations foster a well-rounded understanding of how our clients can utilize our existing services while identifying our clients future needs. For that reason, Partners Financial Services, Inc. maintains an active membership with the following organizations.