Debt Collections

The Partners Financial Services, Inc. approach to debt collections has the ultimate goal of providing you and your company with the highest recovery while treating your consumers with the respect they deserve. Our combination of industry leading technology, professionalism, and compliance practices allow us to collect your accounts while protecting your public image. We are currently accepting new collection business in the following industries: CDL School and Carrier/Transportation, Higher Education and Student Loans, Financial Institutions (Banks and Credit Unions), Utilities (Telecom, Water, Trash, Electric), and Fitness/Health.

Loan Servicing

Partners Financial Services, Inc. opened in 1993 as a student loan origination and financing agency, and has developed a student loan servicing program geared towards helping schools fill empty seats by self-financing their way to success. Our Loan Servicing Solution provides help with program development and origination documentation, default aversion, credit reporting, both standard and electronic consumer statements, payment processing, and defaulted loan collections.  We are currently accepting new loan servicing clients within the Higher Education Industry with fixed, introductory, or default interest method loan portfolios.

Consumer Web Portal

Partners Financial Services, Inc. offers consumers the ability to make single or reoccurring payment arrangements and view their current account balance through our online consumer web portal. All consumers need to access their account information is their account number and the last four digits of their social security number. Once signed in, the consumer can then make payments or payment arrangements and view their remaining account balance. *A consumer must have the account number assigned by Partners Financial Services, Inc. to access their account information via our consumer web portal. Consumer account numbers are provided on all standard and electronic consumer statements, and over the phone by an agent of Partners Financial Services, Inc.

Client Web Portal & FTP

Partners Financial Services, Inc. provides clients with 24/7* access to our Client Web Portal & FTP site. Clients can view all consumer account information, collection and servicing notes, cancel and upload new accounts, and pull client reports directly from our secure web portal. For clients who want to exclusively use an FTP site for report delivery, account placement, and mass document delivery, Partners Financial Services, Inc. has partnered with Citrix ShareFile for industry leading security and flexibility. Clients have the option of using our browser based FTP site, connecting to their ShareFile folders via FTP or FTPS, or both.  Click here for information regarding our security reasons for partnering with ShareFile.

Client Reporting

Partners Financial Services, Inc. provides a standardized set of client reports, and can design custom reporting for clients who meet specific placement criteria and have reporting complex needs. All reporting is provided in a standardized .csv format, with standardized reports being accessible through our online client portal. Standard reports include a detailed monthly remittance report, a current inventory and status report, and a closed account and status report. These standardized reports provide clients with a mass of information to review portfolio performance.

Credit Reporting

Partners Financial Services, Inc. is a data furnisher as defined by the FCRA, and provides clients with the ability to furnish both debt collection and loans placed for loan servicing to Credit Reporting Agencies. *Please note: While credit reporting is a useful tool for debt collections, credit reporting has special dispute resolution requirements which require the original creditor to provide Partners with additional information if an acount is disputed. Please see our FAQ section for further credit reporting requirements.

Payment Processing

Partners Financial Services, Inc. has partnered with BillingTree and CSS Impact to provide PCI compliant live transaction processing for payments made over the telephone and by consumer web portal for credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. Partners Financial Services, Inc. works with clients to determine consumer payment requirements and can tailor your portfolio to accept the types of payments you require on your accounts. *Example: Client #1 may require all accounts to be paid in full,but Client #2 offers their consumers a 50% settlement for a single lump sum payment and/or monthly payments towards the acccount until paid in full.

Direct Deposit Remittances

Partners Financial Services, Inc. is green and fast with monthly remittance deposits for all clients, and provides 100% ACH direct deposit on the 15th of each month. Our direct deposit platform can handle all clients no matter their size or organizational complexity, and can direct deposit remittances for clients with one to one-hundred locations. *Each location is given its own custom client id within our system, and each client id has the ability to receive only portfolio and financial data for their specific location. For clients who would like all locations separate, but also master reports for their corporate location, we also have you covered with consolidated corporate reporting.