Partners Financial Services, Inc. opened in 1993 as a student loan origination and servicing agency. We have developed a student loan servicing program geared towards helping schools fill empty seats by self-financing their way to success. Our Student Loan Servicing Solution provides help with program development and origination documentation, default aversion, credit reporting, both standard and electronic consumer statements, payment processing, and defaulted loan collections.

Have You Heard About the New Student Loan Servicing Laws?

If you’re looking for a student loan servicer, chances are you may have heard about the new regulations that have already been adopted by several states. These new laws were enacted in an effort to standardize loan servicing practices. So, what does it mean for those who service student loans? At a high level, the new laws touch on five areas:

  • Licensing of student loan servicers
  • Creation of a student loan ombudsman
  • Outlining specific servicer requirements
  • Identifying prohibited actions
  • Providing a means for borrower retribution

If you’d like to read more about it, check out our recent blog titled “New Regulations For Student Loan Servicers: What you Need To Know” and feel free to call Partners Financial Services if you have any questions.

Why Choose Partners Financial Services?

In light of the new student loan servicing laws, you’ll want to make sure to choose a servicer that you can trust. We are not only aware of the new laws and are prepared to uphold them, but we have been servicing tuition related private loans for decades. When you choose to work with us, rest assured that we have the expertise to navigate through the unique process, practices, and procedures relative to the education industry. We will work to meet or exceed Federal and State licensing requirements as well as compliance, data security, and financial controls.

Are you ready to learn more about how Partners Financial Services can help you? We’re not only the experts in student loan servicing, but we provide a complete portfolio of services for businesses large and small. Think of us for your total solution when it comes to debt collection, payment processing, credit reporting, direct deposit remittances, and of course, student loan servicing. Give us a call or visit our prospective clients page to submit your questions or comments.